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Welcome to the Bartlett Farms Product Showcase! In this section, we'll introduce you to our nutritional line of products. For more information about where to buy our products, or for additional information, please visit our feedback page. Or, for a great selection of nutritional and great-tasting meals, visit our online Recipe Database.

For a more detailed image of any of the products pictured here, simply click on them.

Frozen Vegetable Mini-Portions
Bartlett Farms Chopped Spinach Mini Portions
Bartlett Farms Creamed Spinach Mini Portions
creamed & chopped spinach
Bartlett Farms is pleased to introduce our new mini-portion sizes of creamed and chopped spinach. Each box contains 450g of frozen spinach, formed in a uniform "puck" shape, weighing 30g (15 "Pucks" per box). A produced in the Netherlands.

Also available in 10kg size for the food-service industry!

Click here for chopped spinach nutritional information.
Click here for creamed spinach nutritional information.

Microwavable Boil

"Funster Fries are the original potato letters that kids love."

Click here for details - Funster Natural Foods.

Oven Fry Deep Fryer

Other frozen vegetables
Bartlett Farms Chopped Spinach
Bartlett Farms Whole Leaf Spinach
chopped & whole leaf spinach
Probably our most well known products, our overwrap chopped and whole leaf spinach are excellent foods to eat by themselves, or within a great number of highly nutritious recipes. Both products are available in 300 gram overwrap packages, and are produced in the United States and Mexico.

Click here for nutritional information.

Bartlett Farms Cooked Squash
cooked squash
Another highly nutritious member of the Bartlett Farms product family, our cooked squash is available in 400 gram packages, and is a product of the United States.

Click here for nutritional information.

Bartlett Farms Whole Okra
whole okra
Bartlett Farms whole okra comes in two sizes: a 250 gram box, and a 500 gram poly bag. Our whole okra is produced in Guatemala.

Click here for nutritional information.

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