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About Us

The Barwell Bear! Barwell is an entirely Canadian-owned and operated company, based in London, Ontario, Canada (for contact information, click here.) We have entered our 3rd decade of supplying top quality, specialty frozen vegetable items to the retail and foodservice industries in Canada. Don Bartlett and John Howell started Barwell, both with extensive experience in food industry procurement, operations and sales. John retired in the early 90's and Don continues to build the business.

Sales growth has been a robust 10% to 40% each year. The main focus of sales has been Ontario and Quebec, but foodservice items are beginning to move both East and West.

The Barwell Penguin! Through its excellent and long-term standing in the frozen food industy, Barwell secures top quality products from Europe, the United States, Mexico and Central America. By contracting-out packaging, freight and cold storage services, Barwell has no costly overhead or immovable assets -- burdens which its competitors must pass on to the market.

Don comments that, "Our mission critical jobs are:

  1. Never go "out-of-stock" on any item, and;
  2. Be the shrewdest purchasers of food products, packaging, freight, cold storage services and foreign exchange futures."

Barwell's products are not available from a Canadian processor. That means that our challenge is to be the lowest cost supplier of top quality products from around the world -- year round, every year. And we succeed in our niche!

P.S. We've been EDI compatible since 1994. The current standard on which we operate is VICS 4010.

Barwell's frozen vegetable items are packed under the Bartlett Farms retail brand and private label brands. They include:

Chopped Spinach Whole Leaf Spinach
Whole Okra Cooked Squash
Chopped Spinach Mini-Portions Creamed Spinach Mini-Portions

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These items are also available in foodservice sizes.

Additional product information can be found in our Product Section.

For more information, distribution inquiries, or to leave a comment, please visit our feedback section.

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